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Famesroot is a well-established, well-known influencer digital marketing platform which connects influencers(Youtubers/ Instagrammers/ TikTokers) and Companies(Brands) with each other for brand expansion and helps companies to market their product using Influencers.

Our Models

We focus on every aspect with your marketing team in devising a plan of what can work best for your brand so it can be used to get your brand maximum exposure on the virtual platform. Our aim at delivering the best service through which best results generate the best experience imaginable to the people you serve.

Shivangi Prajapat ( Choti )

Shivangi Prajapati (1)

Riva Arora

Riva Arora (4)

Priyanshi Pandey

Priyanshi (3)

Kanishka Sharma

Kanishka (4)

Insha Warsi

Insha Warsi (4)

Sumit Paswan

Sumit (1)

Featured Models

Riva Arora (2)

Riva Arora


Insha Warsi (4)

Insha Warsi


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Become Our Model

Profits of working with us :

◆ We don’t charge any amount / commission for work from brands approaching influencer directly.
Though 20% will be charged upon the campaign work we provide.

◆Brand deals and promotions on a regular basis.

◆We will promote your Instagram and YouTube for a gradual increment in reach on monthly basis.

◆Collaboration with various Artists under our management.

◆Once you’re eligible we can help you get verified on social handles.

◆Opportunities like song shoots will also be provided.

◆Financial Assistant will be provided for content creation.

◆Clothes for content shoots will be provided by our brand for free if needed.

◆We can also help you launching your Brand/ Merchandise which potentially can 4X your income.

◆We will provide you social work ( Indiaca help ) for your good public reputation.

◆We will help you grow your account through our tips and tricks.

◆We will help you onboard on short video platform if you fulfil eligibility.

◆We provide content management for our influencers.

◆There will be multiple earning methods, working with us.

◆A personal Blog/Website will also be provided, which could also be another source of income.

◆Regular articles and interviews by us to increase your face value.

◆We will help you build your face value like celebrities.

◆Free Travels every month.

◆Security of your Instagram.